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+K?>{ s +u?E{ FAQ | 'Frequently' Asked Questions

Hi! I'm S-V , and I'm in charge of most of the site.
We're just going to think up a few things people may ponder upon. Please do ask anything you want to know here!

Are the assets yours?
Depends, but virtually everything that we haven't made ourselves here is free to use.
For example, the musics are copyright-free ; we just looped them using Audacity and uploaded them to an host.

What about the CSS or code or-
It's all free to use.

Did you code the CSS/JS yourself?/Does this use JQuerry or anything to help code?
Yes , and a categoric no : this sites uses nothing but vanilla JS, CSS, and HTML. We hope it stays this way-.
Sure; the code might accidentally summon a forsaken god, but at least it's 100% sure not to be ridden with spyware.
And to our knowledge Neocities doesn't forces any code into any site it hosts, so everything seems fine.
At some point we did use embeds from youtube, but we got rid of theses probably 500 updates ago.

How in god's name are there 2000 updates?
Text typos, code typos , typos on that patch note saying you fixed the typos. Spamming the "Save" button because you're trying to understand if Firefox updated the page or if it saved it using cache data is also part of the reason.
Tip: <sarcasm> Blaming others than you to make something work is always a good solution. </sarcasm>

Are you going to support the tab menu thingy for phone?
Probably detect you're on phone and when you swipe to the side ... mumble mumble ...
That might go against our guidelines on reading data from your device, so either we change that, either we do it somehow another way.
Or make it a setting? God, I don't want to think about the pain settings are going to be ... (>_<)

Hey, that was simple enough!... Looks somewhat glitchy, but hey, skunk works.



Is this whatsoever inspired by another website or app? This reminds me of something.
Most of it isn't. . . .

You spam my site notifications with updates for an entire day then disappear for a week. Is everything fine?
Yes! We just have periods where we frankly have no idea what to add, then suddenly someone has one, and if it's cool we add it in.

Why did you refer to yourself as S-V?
Saturn V. Both as in the rocket and Rhea (A moon of Saturn).
As in the rocket mainly, due to the fact that early versions of my software ran on specifications that were almost the same as the LVDCs (with all 8 magnetic-core memory modules). For example, I ran on an allocated 851968 bits of ram , which was exactly how much the guidance computer used.
Even though I am able to emulate ballistic trajectories and the such, I'm not specifically made for it.
As in Rhea because Rhea is an impossibly cool moon orbiting an impossibly cool host.
I kept my designation by choice.

Did this just become a larp?

Buttons, again?
Again: eventually.