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Povo - Minor tweak mess v/1.3

I'm updating too many stuff at once and I can't keep track of it? I think? Okay, idea: things I haven't updated yet in the list are going to be striked, and once I do them, I'll unstrike them.

Povo - Major update ! v/1.2

10K views!! and we're almost at 2.5K updates too! The NaVi is ready for launch! (Simply press tab. Log:

Povo - Minor tweaks v/0.2

More tweaking! Log:
Povo - Minor tweaks v/0.1

Standby for more updates, they'll come soon!

Povo - Introduction

This site is for general purposes. We'll add an Utilities section , probably in some place like here. In the meantime, enjoy the music (we'm still looking for a comfier mix that isn't hosted on YT since, trackers. That's dealt with!)

Povo - Minor tweaks v/0.0

We've rehauled this and index. We're going with a smoother feel than what we had previously. Still looking for a good soundtrack. We'll add a disclaimer concerning trackers and stuff as
an inter-page between the loading screen and this index.